Frank Maynard

Registered Investment Advisor


Frank’s success as an independent Financial Planner is the culmination of experience in the banking and financial industry. Following his honorable discharge from the United States Army as a Military Policeman, Frank began his financial career with Bank of America in 1970 and continued on with him serving as a Branch Manager and Assistant Vice President in the savings and loan industry. After 17 years in banking Frank felt that the industry had become too impersonal for the needs of his clients, which prompted him to enter the private investment field in 1987.

Frank’s investment firm specializes in estate planning of all sizes, large and small. He helps his clients to legally avoid paying unnecessary taxes such as income tax, social security tax and estate tax. Avoiding probate and increasing spendable income is another important part of his practice. Frank works with people that are retired or getting close to retirement. Specializing in conservative Income Planning.

In 1990 Frank began giving educational workshops throughout California to hundreds of pre-retirees and retirees who are seeking vital financial information. He is in high demand because of his honesty, integrity and commitment to client satisfaction. Frank and his wife, Stephanie, married in 1970 and they reside in Paradise, California, where Frank has lived his entire life. They have one son, Michael, who is active in their practice.

Frank’s passion is helping people of all ages develop a steady current or future growing dividend income stream. Call to ask how it could work for you.

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Phone: (530) 520-6030

Phone (530) 520-6030

Investment advisory services offered through Maynard Advisory Group a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of California. Insurance products and services are offered through Frank Maynard, independent agent. Maynard Advisory Group and Frank Maynard are affiliated.